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XPR is THE digital reference for your

Active Usage of your XPR

Ready for your Online campaigns

Advertising of the Future

Why share ineffective product promotions, when you can show the world your successful projects?

Ideal Social Media Content

Social network users need relevant information in the shortest possible form.
And the XPR is designed for exactly such proactive use in social media.

Passive Effects of your XPR

Optimised for Search engines

Clients are looking for solutions

Your website visitors are not interested in products, they are interested in solving their problems. Show your strengths through satisfied customers.

SEO is part of the DNA

Each XPR is subject to our algorithm, which optimizes the texts optimally for search engines.


Best Practice Content

  • Each XPR is a best-of case study, use case description, customer review and testimonials. A perfect little package to demonstrate your competence.

One Project = One URL

  • Every success case has it's own URL and acts as a landing page, which can be implemented in ad campaigns, email campaigns or simply as a backlink for your SEO.

Our Promise

1 %
Less Time consuming

Save time and resources when creating case studies or use cases for marketing content.

1 %
Credible Content

Success case selling is a great practice. Provide proof of your competence to your potential customers.

1 %
reduced cost

Dramatically reduce the cost of content creation through our automated process.

Our Platform in Action

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