Important Features at a Glance

Integration into your website

Integrate all your online references on your own website and wherever you need them.
Your success stories will always be up to date.

A unique URL for every successful project

Every success case has its own URL and acts as a landing page, which can be implemented in ad campaigns, email campaigns or simply as a backlink for your SEO.

Optimised for Google Search

Since each XPR is a dedicated landing page, the XPR can always be found through Google search. We optimize automated content and hosting to maximize this effect.

Involve your real customers

Invite up to 3 people from the client side to join the questionnaire and add their voice to each project. Use the data for marketing or internal quality assurance.

Ready for online marketing campaigns

Online references provide much more interesting marketing content, because they show your competence and strengths in every project.

3-in-1 Framework

Each XPR is a best-of case study, use case description, customer review and testimonials. A perfect little package to demonstrate your competence.

Optimised for Search Engines

Google loves XPR content!

Customer Search For Solutions

Visitors to your website are not interested in products, they are interested in solving their problems. Show your strengths through satisfied customers.

SEO as part of our DNA

Each XPR is subject to our algorithm, which optimizes the texts optimally for search engines.

One Project, one URL

Each XPR is its own website, which you can integrate as you like on your own homepage. Let us find you!

Ready for Your Online Campaignes

Blog articles were yesterday!

Advertising of tomorrow

Why share ineffective promotional products when you can show the world your project success in practice?

Feed social media properly

Social network users need relevant information in as short a form as possible.
The XPR is designed for proactive use in social media.

Minimal EFFORT

We digitize your creation of references and showcases.
Instead of days and weeks, you only need minutes or hours.

Integration on your Websites

Where you need it

  • Each XPR has its own URL
  • and is therefore easy to integrate.
  • One XPR, One URL.

Show solutions

  • Your visitors are interested in solutions,
  • not in product advertising.
  • Show your real world projects.
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References despite anonymity


Sometimes your client does not allow to be named. The anonymous version of XPR guarantees absolute discretion and yet contains the most important information for those interested.


Each XPR contains a verification of your customer voices to increase confidence and thus guarantees the authenticity of your online reference to an interested party. They do not say who was in the project, but they still use their satisfaction.

Stand out in your Industry

Especially in industries where references due to secrecy are uncommon, you can attract a lot of attention with anonymous XPR.

An XPR is composed of 30% of your information and 70% of your customers' answers - content that your prospects trust.

How does it work?

You select a completed project for a reference

– You discuss internally with your project managers which projects are eligible for the creation of a reference.

– We always recommend to use as recent projects as possible.

– Clarify publication consent in advance with your client.

You book the creation of a reference conveniently in the shop

– In the beginning you provide the basic information so that future visitors can quickly understand what has been done in your project.

– The content is composed of the initial situation, the goal of the client and your solution.

You invite your client for the evaluation survey

– You can invite up to 3 employees of your client.

– Each participant has their own customer voice / testimonial in your reference.

– Invite participants from different departments to create your reference (e.g. project leader,  management)

There’s nothing else you need to do with publishing – Xpertify will do it for you

– After quality assurance by the Xpertify team, you will receive a message that your reference is available.

– The reference automatically appears in your account at Xpertify

Describe Project

They describe the framework of the completed project.
  • Select type (public, anonymous)
  • Define starting situation
  • Define objective and solution

Invite Participants

The client is invited via the Xpertify portal.
  • You can invite up to 3 participants
  • Invitation will be sent automatically
  • Your client's answers a series of questions

Reference is being created

Your reference will be created and unlocked after a test.
  • Project summary
  • Customer review
  • Up to 3 testimonials

Simple, fast, efficient. See for yourself!

Let us take the next step in the creation of references in your company and contribute to your lead generation.

Do you have questions, how XPR can help your company?

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